People have all the commentary from the sidelines but when they get in the game they realize it aint as easy…

I find it interesting how people who hate rappers talk about them “feeding into white supremacy”,all they care about is money, like you don’t do the same shit paying your white bank mortgage , funding these white schools for an education, shopping at these white businesses for your products. lol You think you’re not feeding into white supremacy too? Reality check. The realest people who resist white supremacy are either in jail or dead. In my boy @oba_tayo voice *Humble yourself* look within,

Most people who got all this shit today are not willing to sacrifice their own comfortable lives for the greater good.You got to go work Monday? How you spending your three day weekend?

Whats my point? When someone decides to challenge white supremacy, racism, or injustice no matter how hypocritical they may be support them. Even if you know it’s temporary. We all contribute to white supremacy in some way, shape, or form. Every person who contributed to previous revolutions were not 100% committed to the struggle. and that is OK. Everybody is not a Malcolm X , huey newton, Marcus Garvey. Fight for progress don’t be condescending and counter-productive. AGain someone please explain how bashing rappers for speaking up about Mike brown is productive to the situation in Ferguson? I’m still waiting



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So recently hip hop artists have been making songs dedicated to the Mike Brown situation. 

When hip hop artists don’t say anything about the social issues people complain that they are selfish and all they care about is money blah blah. Which may have truth but when they do decide to speak on social issues people get UPSET and bash them for the contradictions in their music. Damned if you do speak, damned if you don’t, huh?  Which one is it? A lot of people are being condescending to the message. Hotep super saiyans and you undercover house negroes voice your hate for rappers AFTER the situation has passed,  now is not the time to be tearing the message down.Be GRATEFUL that something was at least SAID. People are more concerned with how they feel about someone rather than progress. Someone please explain to me how bashing rappers whenever they decide to speak out is productive?  ….I’ll wait.
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For those black people scared to talk about racism because you have white friends, are your “white friends” thinking twice about yourself with them before they do racism shit to black people. Think about it, a lot times when white people racist shit, they always say that bullshit “I got Black friend, I’m not racist”. Think about it! Racism is not going to go away if don’t speak about it!

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If your solution requires racists to “look within” themselves.

If you’re trying to guilt-trip white folks.

If you’re trying to “convince” racists to stop.

That shit aint a solution. Marching, holding up signs, and signing petitions all require white people to approve.

Think about YOUR solution and does it fit the description. Black people can only win by liberating themselves. ✌️✌️

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You know it’s really disheartening to think of the state of Black people today. We’ve been so misled that we no longer know who we are. We come from greatness. To be black is powerful yet today we are forced to walk around holding signs up begging for White folks to be merciful to us. We do nothing but beg for White acceptance. An innocent black boy is murdered by police and we respond with petitions, marches, and shouts for help. We fight in their armies and in their wars but when it comes time for us to take some action, we want to be nonviolent and march. The saddest part is when you try and tell black people that we shouldn’t be living like this, a lot of us don’t won’t to hear it, but regardless it’s the truth. As @solar_innerg once said, we are always trying to prove to White folks that we’re human. We gotta do better. We can be more….
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Its crazy how as soon as you start uplifting Black Women, people start ATTACKING YOU. They say shit like “that’s racist” and it’s wrong then start talking that “All women share the same struggle” shit. First off both statements are bullshit. If you don’t know why, get counseling. The worst part is sometimes even Black people say these things. Imagine a Black Person attacking you for telling their own kind to love themselves and that they’re beautiful. The irony is when you see all of these images and hear these sayings that uplift White women nobody says shit. You’ll never get attacked for telling a White Girl she’s beautiful, but as soon as you start uplifting Black Women it’s a problem. The truth is that White people only want you to uplift their race and their women. The Blacks who say it’s wrong also don’t want you to uplift anybody but white people; they don’t want you to upset massa. Telling Black Women whom have been beat down so much by this Racist nation that they’re special is not wrong at all. Stop the Bullshit.
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