Research shows that all you gotta do to get people to believe what you say is “research shows”.  White media loves to report some negative shit about black folks.  A lot of that shit is false, skewed, and plagued by racism historically. 

Saddest thing is we start believing all of it and it feeds into our self-hate. 
“damn we ain’t according to CNN” so it demoralizes our spirit. 

I’m not here to argue the validity of which ever specific statistic but I just to inform you that they A LOT of them are not true. A lot of them are portrayed in a way to deceive us. 

White people use the majority of Welfare in this country but Black people are made to be the face of Welfare. Shit is a joke.

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At the end of the day black people built this country and have nothing to show for it…

White folks call blacks “lazy” obviously have a very short memory and insight of the history of this country.
While blacks were being tortured to give America a 400 year headstart on the rest of the world White Folks were lounging around looking at the stars and shit. Then they used the labor to build systems to insure that their descendants kept the money the made off the slaves. That old slave money that still benefit white families today in 2014.
Learn ya history. Watch Ya mouth…
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"Urban Prep Academies in Chicago all boys school continue to exemplify excellence in education. For the fifth year in a row, all seniors have been accepted into nearly 200 four-year colleges and universities.

In Urban Prep tradition, 240 seniors, all African-American males, celebrated their success on Tuesday April 8 at a ceremony where they exchanged their red uniform ties for a red and gold striped tie, a symbol of their new accomplishment.”

Dwayne Wade gave them a 10,000 check as a reward to go towards their Prom expenses!

Congrats to these young men!

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College Football and Basketball is popular as its ever been as they represent the 2 most popular and profitable sports in America. Another fact is that Black Athletes dominate these 2 sports. Colleges and Universities profit tremendously from those facts in a major way. Their motto is your a “Student-Athlete” and being a student comes first, but statistics show that 50% of Black Players are failing out of college after sports due to hem being set up for failure.

 If you are not going pro many of these athletes have fake classes set up, An “understanding” with professors and the school, and people doing their work for them as an attempt to keep their GPA high enough for them to remain eligible to play. Schools make millions of dollars for labor that is practically free when you compare thousands to the countless millions that they make annually from these Black athletes.
An athletes time is demanded so heavily and they spend much time away from class and universities during a season that when they are done with sports and they have to produce in a class room it is extremely difficult to adjust to, which leads to failure. Education is not valued by these schools, its just business for them. A lot of these Black players are viewed as commodities. Black Players have to be aware 1st in order to then work through the system and possibly use it to their advantage. 
A lot of Black Athletes come from impoverished areas and their education is not valued only their talent. There are no jobs promised to these Black Athletes or security for their families, but they are demanded to be present physically and mentally for sports and all they get in return is a false promise of a “great education” from a system that is designed to see Black people fail and remain subservient to begin with. SanCopha.

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Needless to say a Father has a huge impact on their child’s life, whether that be positive or negative. Both parents along with other family and friend shape and mold a child, but the father’s role and influence is unique to his daughter. Fathers show them what to expect and and what to except from the opposite sex during her Life.

Recently I saw Tyrese post a video of him going through confidence exercises with his daughter and giving her certain tools to become and remain confident. This is invaluable and will go along way with making sure that another Black Girl grows up knowing that she is strong and capable of doing anything. She will be sure that she is beautiful the way she is naturally. She will then possess these traits that she will give to her children and exhibit to whom ever she comes into contact with. Priceless.

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Nia and Imani Lindsay are 10-Year-Old Twin Phenoms in the field of dancing. They started to walk at just 8 months old and now they excel in many different styles of Dance including acrobatics, jazz, tap, hip hop and contemporary dance. They Both received a Scholarship to the prestigious American Ballet Theatre for a summer program for serious dancers. As Black Children they are defying the odds in field where racism prevalent. Not only are they great dancers but they are very intelligent and have a great sense of self pride and confidence instilled in them by their mother. They Love their natural hair regardless of any of the jokes or questions they receive from their peers or adults about it, they know to ignore it and remain proud. 

They look up to Misty Copeland who is one of the most renown Black dancers in the world and in the history of Ballet. Nia and Imani had a chance to meet Misty and said “she was a great influence, She’s not like Miley Cyrus at all.” (Lol) Congrats to Nia and Imani on their accomplishments and im sure they will inspire countless Black kids that ma have ever doubted themselves and their abilities. SanCopha!
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