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"Unlocking the Truth, a heavy metal band comprised of three 8th-graders from Brooklyn, has been signed to a two-album recording contract with Sony. The deal comes with a $60,000 up-front advance and an option for four additional LPs.

The band, made up of guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse, 13, bassist Alec Atkins, 13, and drummer Jarad Dawkins, 12, was founded in 2007 and has been riding the lightning to metal fame thanks to a steady run of heavy-beyond-their-years busking in Times Square and Washington Square Park. Now the Daily News reports that the boys have finalized a deal with Sony that could net them as much as $1.7 million over a possible six albums.”

We have to be the ones that inspire and teach each other to become our own bosses. We have to get out of the mentality of building someone else’s dream, someone else’s empire and start wanting to build our own. Back in the day, we had that mentality; the desire to make our decisions and control our own destiny. Integration destroyed that. We must build it back. We all can’t have dreams if working for white folks.
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Assata Shakur is one of the strongest and most courageous black women you will ever read about. Assata meaning “she who struggles” and Shakur meaning “the thankful one” is a true warrior in the fight for black equality. At a very young age in the 1960’s, she participated in various struggles including the Black Liberation Movement, the Student Rights Movement, and the movement to end the war in Vietnam. As member of the Black Panther party, she fed thousands of black children every morning insisting that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. She, as a young teen, mentored many young black girls on the importance of natural hair and supporting black men. In 1973, she was falsely accused of shooting a state trooper on the NJ turnpike after medical evidence showed she clearly couldn’t have done the crime. She spent almost 7 years in prison in solitary confinement, suffering from brutal beatings from prison guards, severe malnourishment, and complete lack of medical attention. Through it all, she stood strong and with the help of the Black Panthers, was able to escape that hell.
While in prison she birthed a beautiful baby girl named Kakuya Shakur.

Today 40 years later, she is still being pursued by the FBI and recently was placed on the FBI’S “Most Wanted Terrorist” list. This is the same list the Taliban and OSAMA BIN LADEN were placed on. She is not only the first woman to be placed on the list, but the second person in history from the U.S to be placed on the list. The state of New Jersey also added $1 million to the FBI’s $1 million bounty on her head. They are offering $2 MILLION for her capture. Isn’t it crazy that New Jersey with all the problems it has can come up with $1 Million to place on Assata’s head? She was basically kidnapped by the police, sentenced to life in prison with no evidence, severely beaten on the regular, starved almost to death then she is able to finally escape the torture and now she’s the terrorist? Anyway, she is a phenomenal poet and if you get the chance read her autobiography. It’ll change your life. The fact that they are still chasing her and offering so much money shows that they are afraid of what she symbolizes. Assata is an inspiration to us all and shows us how important it is to be able to stand on your own two feet. Stand for something or Fall for anything. Strong, Black Woman I Salute your Existence!!!!!

“Freedom! You askin me about freedom?! Askin me about freedom? I’ll be honest with you. I know a whole lot more about what freedom isn’t than about what it is, cause I’ve never been free. I can only share my vision with you of the future, about what freedom is. Uhh, the way I see it, freedom is the right to grow, is the right to blossom. Freedom is the right to be yourself, to be who you are, to be who you wanna be, to do what you wanna do.” Assata Shakur

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I saw a meme some time ago with Martin Luther King Locking arms with a group of Black men vs Young black boys today sagging their pants. The caption read “when they respected us vs why they don’t respect us now”…While I understand the point the meme was trying to make I feel the deeper message is problematic. 

White people DID NOT respect blacks during that civil rights era. They were Bombing little blacks girls in churches and spraying black people down with hoses. Blacks dressing in nice suits and dresses DID NOT change the harsh treatment they received. That Meme is inaccurate. The way Black people dress, how much money they made, how low they cut their hair, how straight the made their hair, or how “educated” they were has never changed the way whites view Blacks. Like my dude Tupac said “I don’t care  if you a lawyer, a doctor…These white folks view us as Niggers and thugs”

Whats the point of this post? The point that too many black people practice this pseudo-logical philosophy that if we somehow someway “act” more towards white peoples standards then they will accept and respect us. If yall stop “cussin, killing each other, acting this or that way white people will respect us” ask yourself, is that really true? What evidence do you have?

I know people of the African diaspora living in Africa, America, Europe, and The Carribean lost their culture/history/Africanisms so it may be hard to understand but White People ARE NOT the standard for Humanity. White culture/customs are NOT the Alpha and Omega of Human life. Regardless of what they have programmed into your mind what your ancestors practiced is what civilized the world. Always remember that. Peace.

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Apparently when you talk about how a system is built for White people , by white people, at the expense of non-white people you’re a racist. Lol

Just another ridiculous derailment tactic used to avoid taking accountability for racism. Yall know Black people can’t be racist and even if we hated whites it wouldn’t really matter because black people are not out here oppressing whites. You know killing white children for stepping on our driveway, denying jobs, locking white men up at alarming rates, sucking the resources out of Europe as we speak, Promoting negative white image all over the media, teaching lies to white children about their real history. Yeah all that…

Personally I’m done explaining to people that I don’t hate Whites. If that is what you’re going to be labeled for waking ppl up, not accepting being a second class human, and not supporting white supremacy then so be it, Goddamnit! *Paul Mooney Voice*

White people and Negropeans if you spend less time “screaming reverse racism” and more time educating yourself on what racism really is your blood pressure would go down.

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"What are you doing to help your child/sibling overcome the poor american education system? Dr.Umar Johnson said that public school in the inner cities are nothing more than a fashion show. A way for other kids to talk down on others because of the expensive "sneakers, hats, clothing, etc…" but the focus is never actually on getting educated. The system is terrible we must counter It. If your child has expensive sneakers and their grades are mediocre you are part of the problem.
In all honesty they won’t ever say this blatantly but public schools are set up for people to be poor or working class. They are not supposed to own anything and they are not supposed to know anything about economic empowerment. Its time for us to stop and redefine “education”. Fight the system.

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Just wanted to share this story, I think it’s sad that these kids are that ignorant that they didn’t see anything wrong with mocking this girls rape using and hashtagging “Jadapose”.  

"A teen’s rape went viral in the past few weeks after photos, videos, memes and other foul jokes were made at her expense. Jada, a 16-year-old from Houston, Texas, said she and other girls were drugged and raped by 17-year-old Innel Yahia and other teenage boys two months ago at a party.  Yahia, goes by the name @WhiteboyLaflare on Twitter. Jada, 16, was openly mocked on Twitter, Instagram and other social media when lewd pictures of her nude and passed out were distributed among her high school classmates. They were using the hashtag #Jadapose to mock the position she was in after she was raped.

Yahia been disputing what happened during the gathering, which lasted until the early hours of the morning. Even though he admitted during a phone call to taking pictures of Jada while naked and sharing them without her consent— “I’m childish,” the teen said— he also claimed that she was the one who poured herself a drink.

"She brought the drink herself from my fridge asked if we could drink it," he tweeted Saturday to his over 5,000 followers. "She knew what she was doing before she came," he continued in a separate tweet that has now been deleted."She never let me hit, she gave me d—- twice," he added— incriminating himself, as that act that could still fall under the bounds of sexual assault under the law.

Now that Yahia has been exposed for his sexual crimes, Jada is campaigning for his arrest. She held a press conference in front of the home at which she was assaulted. The home is reportedly owned by a parent who lives out of the state, while the son lives there alone.

"It’s really sad. I’m hurt— just being here, knowing that that happened to me. … It’s very embarrassing," she told KHOU news.

Police are currently investigating the alleged rape. No charges have been filed against Yahia or any of the other teen boys in attendance.”  (Source :

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