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Personally I don’t identify with any labels like “conscious or aware” because it’s often misconstrued. People think that you think you know everything or that you must be a saint. I am just me. However, but I will say that to be “conscious or aware” of what is going on, or to be able to think critically in this global system similar to the matrix is very tough.
You keep seeing the exploitation of your own people globally and you have to figure out what you can do personally to help aid them against the onslaught. The hardest part having to fight against your own people who actually act as agents of their own oppression. You can’t help but feel some sort of anger because you genuinely care. The people whom you want to free will attack, defend, and justify their own oppression constantly.
Every “conscious” person has to make a decision either give up because of the seemly overwhelming circumstances or continue to fight, educate, reprogram and hope that your efforts aren’t in vain.
Not everyone will understand this post, but that is fine. It was meant for the people who will understand. “People ask me why you so angry? Why the fuck YOU not Angry?” ~~
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It kills me to see Black people holding up signs and it hurts even more when I see Black children forced to do the same. One of the reasons this happens is because deep down inside we know that all the Marching and Holding up signs that the adults have been doing has done nothing for us. It’s painful to say but all we have gotten in return is more innocent dead black bodies so we think that by having our children hold up signs maybe we can reach our oppressors; maybe they will see our suffering and show us some pity, maybe they really won’t shoot. We are always looking for pity from Whites. When is it going to be enough? Our Ancestors civilized this world and gave it life. Why should we look for mercy from White People? Everything we have ever needed to survive is in us. No other race of people responds to the murder of one of their own by holding up a sign and you damn sure don’t see their children doing that. Now I’m not going to sit here as if I have all the answers but we need to realize we are not dealing with peaceful people. The time for being Non-violent is long gone. Black children of the future should not have to wake up and deal with the same Racism and Oppression that we live with today.
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To all the house niggaz and Coons out there, you cannot hide your Blackness. No matter how much you try to get rid of it, it will always be there. Your oppressors will always see your skin color. That’s the reality of being Black.
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We have to make it our mission to see through the lies and illusions of this system. It’s absurd to hear so many Black folks saying “we are all one people”. White folks for years have tried to remove the aspect that race plays in our everyday lives by repeating the rhetoric of there only being one race and all of us being the same. By now, we should know this is not the case and the reason this is done is to disrupt any attempt of black unification. Historically, white people have always went out of their way to disrupt Black Unity. Whether it was separating black men and woman, inciting wars in Africa, or even destroying black leadership. Black unity is considered a threat because of the power it holds. No one had an issue with all of these china towns and Arabic owned shops but the minute black people started building their own, it was a problem. Why do you think they destroyed black Wall Street? The only time unity is seen as a threat is when it involves Black people. Our people are oppressed in every area of this system. Don’t fall for that “We are all one race” shit.
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