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What blood was shed establishing the ”New World” ?
From whom?

How many Africans were Murdered, Raped , and Dehumanized in order to establish the “Great Nation” of America?

When you take pride in being American what are you really taking pride in?
Genocide? Enslavement? Hypocrisy?

As a Black person honoring the American flag would mean Honoring the rape, robbery and murder of your ancestors. “I’m so happy this nation was established by you colonizing Africans and enslaving my people for 500 years. Thank You. God Bless America ” Turn down for what?!……………………………………………………..

……..For your Ancestors.

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It’s time for these black gangs to get back to their original purpose. Cops been murdering and beating down black folks including members of their gangs for far too long without any repercussions. We are the only people that would allow this to go on this long. We can’t continue to be complacent with our people being victims all the time. The Black Panthers used to patrol the streets with the police to end all the bullshit. We need to get back to that.
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Spiritually you reach a point in your life where you just can’t afford to be around negative people, especially when you’re trying to make positive changes in your life. All that negativity does is make it that much harder to achieve the things and state of mind that many of us strive for in life. Don’t let negativity weigh you down.
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It’s one thing for major hip hop stations to known for playing commercial songs. However it’s another thing when these same Hip-Hop stations don’t speak about or raise awareness on what’s going in the community. Since the death of Eric Garner, the only these radio have said was ” Its a bad thing to happen to him and his family.” They haven’t said anything about the obvious racist agenda on the New York City Cops. Especially during the morning and rush hour hours when most people are listening. If it was any other topic they would speak for hours about it, but it comes to the injustice of black people you don’t hear a word from them.

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At 14 years old, Tony Hansberry Jr. developed a new suture method for hysterectomy patients. As a result of the work of the young genius, the time it takes doctors to perform hysterectomies and the potential risk of complications has been reduced.
At age 12, Hansberry’s parents exposed him to the field of medicine by sending him to the Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical Arts in Jacksonville, Fla.
His invention came about when they sent him to an internship at the University of Florida’s Center for Simulation Education the next summer, where he was able to participate in hands-on simulated medical work.
Now at age 18, Hansberry, a.k.a. “The next Charles Drew” is a freshman bio-medical engineering student at Florida A&M University. The Tallahassee native serves as senator of his freshman class and is a chemistry major. He’s followed his father’s footsteps by enrolling at FAMU and his mother’s – who is a registered nurse.
Hansberry’s research began last summer during his internship at the University of Florida ‘s Center for Simulation Education and Safety Research in Jacksonville, Florida.

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One thing I’ve noticed is this ongoing pattern with Black people when an injustice happens to our people. We get mad and rallied up for a while then, a few weeks go by and most black people forgot about what happened and go to their lives like nothing happened. I saw the thing happen during the Sean Bell and Trayvon Martin incidents. For us to gain respect and progress we must never forget and stay consistent. When we forgot about these injustices, it’s your subconsciously forgiving the racist police officers, George Zimmerman, the judge, and whom ever. Gain some consistency and fuck shit financially for white people!!!!

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"I assure you this post is not to offend our religious followers but to spark a thought… It was through European and Asian invasions of Africa that we saw the destruction of Black Civilizations. Through these invasions came colonization, slavery, and the control of Africa’s resources by outside influences. Even today Africa is still influenced by European and Asian nations to work in their interest. What also came along with these invasions were the influence of what Africans should do with their body, their mind, and most importantly their GODS. When Africa began to decline we didn’t look to our indigenous gods and spiritual systems. We allowed them to break us on the spiritual level. We looked to find hope in the same religious systems that our oppressors practiced. It was inevitable that we remained spiritually enslaved.
When the majority of Africans were practicing their own native religions, the land, the people, and the resources were intact. After they abandoned their native spiritual systems the land, the people, and the resources were exploited, robbed, and destroyed. Our languages , images of ourselves, our education, and even our worship is somewhat influenced by outsiders. We need to reafrikanize ourselves. “WE DERIVED FROM SPIRITUALITY BUT NOW WE FOLLOW RELIGION”~~POETIKA

Think about this, do the research , Don’t get upset get free… POST WRITTEN BY @SOLAR_INNERG

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