Even in today’s state of Hip-Hop, there are still some mainstream artists who have moments when they say whats needed to be said and ask the right questions. As Black People. We have to be able to recognize that and support them in those times.
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Any Black Man that is aware about racism and white supremacy, the hardest thing for them to do is work in Corporate America. The reason being its a tough pill to swallow knowing you’re one of the few black people that work at that job. Secondly, the company you work for is mostly likely owned by white people, and your job is to insure that the owners stay wealthy! Your supervisor (if you’re not one) would demean you, insult your intelligence, and he/she (if white) would often try to show how superior they are to you! Finally, there’s a high chance that the black people that work might be House niggas.
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Why does America celebrate Columbus Day?

Because America loves to Celebrate atrocities committed on people of color.

Columbus actually never even stepped foot in America.

Native Americans (Descendants of The Earlier Africans In America)
were already in America.
How can you “discover” something with people already living there?

Christopher Columbus and his comrades committed genocide, rape, and torture of the native people of what we now call the Caribbean Islands.

Know the truth.

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This post is not to compare gender struggles or play battle of the sexes. Its to make people aware that many times when tragedies happen to black women our communities are not as outraged as they should be. When black women/girls are murdered, raped, abused, and/or kidnapped.

Renisha McBride being shot in the face by some racist because she asked for help or 7-year old Aiyana Jones murdered while she was sleeping by a police officer is equally important to the popular cases of Black Men being murdered by these fucking pigs.

We as black men ( and black women) need to be more proactive about fighting for our Queens when they are being mistreated.


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A lot of us think that by just holding our hands up we’re honoring Mike Brown. That’s not enough. All the outrage that the black community expressed since he was murdered can not be relegated to just a simple cry of “hands up don’t shoot”. We have to change our thinking. We can’t keep this mentality that this was a rare circumstance. These things happen everyday and until we make some real changes, they will continue to occur. We have marched, we have protested, we have been nonviolent, and their only response has been killing more innocent black men and women. Boycotts are effective but only when they are permanent. We can’t stop supporting white corporations for a day or two and then go back when nothing has come of it. These people need to know that we aren’t playing games. The fact that, at a time like this, police officers are still not hesitant to kill a black person should alarm you and let you know that we aren’t taken seriously. That has to change. We have the power.
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An off-duty police officer in St Louis has shot and killed a black teenager, prompting a repeat of the Ferguson protests that followed the death of Michael Brown two months ago today. The White officer said Vonderrick was armed with a weapon and “aggressively charged at him” but Teyonna Myers, 23, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper that this is a lie. She was the cousin of the man and said that he was unarmed when he was killed. “He had a sandwich in his hand, and they thought it was a gun. It’s like Michael Brown all over again,” she told the paper.
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Muhammad Ali, keeping it real in a interview!

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