Kente Cloth… Kente is primarily produced in Ghana, West Africa. Kente Cloth is known locally as “Nwentoma”, Kente is an important part of Ghanaian and African culture some of the patterns are as old as civilization… There are disputes about the Origins of Kente whether The Ewe or Asante created it and who taught who how to produce it, either way The Ewe and Asante Kente have similarities but different significance with respect to the weaving process. It is said that the Weaver observed how a spider weaves its web and tried to use the same patterns of weaving to produce Kente out of various types of fabric but primarily silk and cotton fabric.. Since its creation Kente Cloth has had rich colors and designs that can have various meanings for each in there Culture and have been worn by both men and women including royalty all over Africa during ceremonies and events… It is commonplace now for Kente Cloth to be seen in American Education Graduation Ceremonies as well as being integrated into mainstream fashion… These are just a few facts about Kente Cloth, There is much more information and rich history about Kente Cloth.


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