Kelvin Doe… The 15-year-old is a self-taught engineer from Sierra Leone, who has never taken an engineering or electronics class. He Combined scrap metal, baking soda and acid, he created a battery to power his family’s home. Kelvin also broadcasts news and music as DJ Focus on the radio, using an RF transmitter he created. He visited the U.S. as a guest of MIT.

Kelvin is the youngest invitee ever to MIT’s Visiting Practitioner’s Program for international development and watching THNKR’s look into his trip on YouTube you’ll understand why. The teen scours trash bins for spare parts, which he uses to build batteries, generators and transmitters.

MIT doctoral student and fellow Sierra Leone-native David Sengeh recognized Kelvin’s talents when the two met through Sengeh’s non-profit Innovate Salone, which supports high school students looking to solve the country’s toughest challenges. You can support Kelvin and Innovate Salone by donating to its Crowdrise campaign.


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