Polite Stewart… A young Black man at just 18-years-old, Graduated from Southern University in Louisiana where he is from in the department of Physics. Polite became one of the youngest graduates in the school’s 132-year history. Due to Polite’s academic genius and extremely high test scores on aptitude tests at an academy in Louisiana it was recommended that he go and start college at just 14 years-old. Polite did so and excelled immediately in the field of physics. He has stated that he knew it wasn’t normal the stuff he was able to do, but he didn’t want to let anything stop him from his goals and accomplishments. Polite has traveled to different schools all across the country already doing research with many school proffessors and doctors… Polite by becoming an alumni of Southern University followed in his family’s tradition as his parents and several of his father’s siblings are also Alumni of the School. We at SanCopha League would like to commend Polite Stewart for his Educational accomplishments and at the same time helping to crush negative stereotypes in the process… Polite Stewart is a Definite show of Black Excellence…


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