Africa Cup of Nations… Many say it’s the greatest Soccer/Football Tournament in the World. This is because of the World Cup’s bias it seems against many African teams and only allows but so many to even qualify for the World Cup and also because Africa’s Football teams have some of the greatest athletes the sport has ever seen… Needless to say this issue is very controversial because majority of Africa’s teams are made up of Black players and due to the World Cup being criticized for racist practices in previous years and their response to the issue being seen as inadequate to many. Never the less Africa’s Cup of Nations hosts and showcase these tremendous players and the tournament has global appeal due to its fast paced, uptempo, style of play, as well as the acrobatic goals and saves, and many teams have elaborate choreographed celebrations that have caught the eye of many a viewer including me. I have seen a few parts of the tournament where it was definitely entertaining and after seeing a goal scored by one team and then they proceeded to dance Azonto as a unit in celebration you couldn’t help but be impressed. I am not the biggest soccer fan by any means but maybe that is because prior to this year I have never seen it played like this. The speed and sheer talent of some these players are something that anyone who claims to be an athlete can appreciate, and it does help with identifying as the Africa Cup of Nations is populated by people who share the same melanated skin as you which you rarely see publicized still in America… Africa Cup of Nations switched the years it is played to an odd number so that it has its own shine and it doesn’t interfere with the World Cup participants. Africa Cup of Nations has 16 teams and it is currently in progress as it is being held from Jan. 19th to Feb. 10th in South Africa. They are competing for the prestigious honor and respect that comes along with winning the Gold "African Unity" Trophy… If you can be sure to check these amazing athletes out and you will enjoy it and be impressed…

Written By: @Champion_Us

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