It’s very interesting following the Story about Christopher Dorner and his Manifesto. The wanted fugitive is now the first person ever to be targeted by a military machine drone attack on United states soil. How about that for Black History month, Huh? (sarcasm) While I feel for the families of the victims lost. There are still a lot of question marks surrounding this case. #1 He hasn’t been found guilty of Killing the three victims. What happened to the right to trial by Jury?  #2  Meanwhile in Cali the police have shot 3 innocent people in bad efforts to catch Dorner. Making it clear as day the order is SHOOT TO KILL. #3 Is this extensive media coverage and one million dollar bounty on his head because he has been suspected to have killed three people or because he killed cops? #4 We don’t even know for FACT that he committed those murders. #5 Why do they want him Dead so quickly? because he’s a “trained killer”? So if he was a regular guy who committed those murders, is out with a gun, and just as dangerous then that changes? What does he know?  Moving on I hear about multiple murders everyday especially in urban areas and I don’t see media coverage like this EVEN when the KILLER is STILL OUT THERE. Are police officers and their families lives more important than regular citizens? Yesterday news broke out that they are going to deploy MILITARY DRONES to attack ONE man on UNITED STATES SOIL. The whole country is involved in this man’s capture. What’s alarming is that James Holmes Just recently Shot an entire movie theater Killing 12 people and injuring 58. He killed men, women, and children and even HE was Awarded a trial. His rights were respected. They even gave him the benefit of the doubt and said that he was “Mentally Ill”.
When you listen to the coverage on the news they are saying that the complaints in his manifesto is “as bunch of rambling , doesn’t make sense, and is false”
What’s ironic about that is they tightened security of the families and set all types of precautions in place because of the same manifesto that they claim is “Bullshit”. Well if they took that seriously then they should investigate his claims about the racism and corruption in the LAPD. Furthermore it’s every “US citizen’s” right to trial by jury….

Jake England, 19, and Alvin Watts, 33 : 2012 targeted random black men in four locations as they drove around town in an Easter weekend shooting spree. Given Trial, limited media coverage.

Scott Dekraai: 2011 Committed ithe largest mass murder in Orange County history killing eight people at a Seal Beach beauty salon, including his ex-wife. Given Trial.

Jared Lee Lough-ner: 2011 The man who killed six people and wounded 13 others in an Arizona shooting rampage. Given Trial

Pay attention to things going on around you we tend to have very short memories.
Written by @solar_innerg , @hated_logic

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