Being an 80’s baby, I grew up watching 90’s movies at the time I didn’t realize how much I should have appreciated them. Little did I know that I wouldn’t really see films like those anymore in the 2000’s. 90’s movies seem to have been a great time for black cinema. I don’t know the exact reason why but ever since 2001 It feels like the majority of black films have been shifted towards providing comedy. The 90’s films had messages that gave us emphatic visuals and lessons of what the black struggles/joys in America have amounted to. Whether you agreed with the violence or not these were classic films. That was a reflection of reality. Well at least in my opinion. Films like:

Boyz In The Hood
Menace II Society
Poetic Justice
He Got Game
Love Jones
Best Man
South Central
The Wood
Lean on me (89)
Love and Basketball (2000)

Man I loved that movie Love and Basketball LOL
All we have now is Tyler Perry movies. I respect his grind however I’m not a fan. 
I don’t really know if this is necessarily a “Black Cinema” issue only, Hollywood just general, or it may just be the times we are living in. 

This topic/post is solely opinion based obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No one can tell you which films are “Better” I think it stems from your values. Maybe you like today’s films just as much.
Do you agree that films today seem to have lost substance? If you do agree what do you think happened? What are your thoughts in comparing 90’s films to the 2000’s?
Do you remember “Double Burger With Cheese” or “Rickkkkkkyyyyyy”? LOL

Please do share your thoughts

Written by @Solar_InnerG IG /@hated_logic twitter

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