First of all I want to say I love my light-skinned Black Women. Not really a fan of the  “Red Bone” or “Yellow Bone” terms but they are beautiful. I also love my dark-skinned and brown-skinned sistah’s too. Black Women are beautiful in all shades. However It seems that there is an "Overglorification" of light-skinned women, especially in Black entertainment. I choose to focus on R & B today even though this is done  in Hip Hop and hollywood movies as well.  Visually when is the last time you’ve seen your favorite artist make a music video and in the video the girl he’s “In love With” is a dark-skinned woman? Now that I think about it, its even become more and more frequent that Black artists are eliminating black women from the love scenes altogether. You’ll see a lot of non-black women playing the wife, girlfriend, or lover in the videos. I know we are in the “Love has no color” phase but Is portraying “Black on Black Love” unattractive?  Does the industry discriminate against dark-skinned women?  You mean to tell me of the many videos made nobody can find any gorgeous dark-skinned women to play the role of the woman who is worth it all? Can anyone answer? Chris Brown? Trey Songz? Is it against the rules to feature dark women as the main girl?

Why does it matter? Because imagery is powerful, educational, and convincing.

I know people are likely to provide excuses. “It’s not that serious” If that’s the case why isn’t there more of a balance of shades? If you think about it logically, you have a better chance of finding the most beautiful black women if you use all shades, right? “It’s just a video” No. It’s not just a video; they spend a good amount of time and money on that video to optimize the artist’s appeal.
"Well that one video back in 1997 had a dark-skinned girl in it" Oh? One video does not make up for the next 100 who do not feature dark-skinned women. I would say to that person you have an elementary understanding of this post.

Am I trippin? Am I colorblind? Maybe they are in videos and I just can’t see.

Share your thoughts….

Written by @Solar_InnerG IG

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