Derrick Rose is an NBA star for the Chicago Bulls. In April of 2012, he tore his ACL in a very crucial time for the team during the NBA Playoffs. Since then, he’s been a man on a mission and has shown work ethic like no other in his quest to return 100% but recently he expressed another side. Having grown up in the rough streets of Chicago, Derrick knows all too well the pain and sorrow that dwells in many inner city youth. Chicago has the worst murder rate in the United States and although the media rarely reports this, dozens of young black children have lost their lives in the city due to gun violence. One of these children was 6 month old, Jonylah Watkins, who was shot 5 times while her father changed her diaper in the front seat of a van. Where does Mr. Rose come in? The young Star is going to cover the funeral expenses for her family, which I believe speaks volumes about his character as a man. More often than not, when people become rich they lose themselves and forget where they come from, but with Derrick, this certainly isn’t the case. It not only shows that he cares about his city of Chicago but also that he is AWARE of the problems and is ACTIVE in his community. A lot of professional athletes give money to big name organizations like the Boys and Girls club or YMCA charities, but for him to reach out to this family in such a dangerous place is amazing. It truly makes me proud to see Black men do things like this because society demonizes us so much. Derrick Rose SanCopha League salutes you and we cannot wait for your return. 

Written by @KingKwajo

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