A couple days ago, two plainclothes police officers shot and killed 16 year old, Kimani Gray, in Brooklyn. The officers claim that young Kimani had a gun with him that he pointed at them, which prompted them to shoot him. Now another witness, Tishana King, says that she saw the entire incident and is sure that Kimani had no weapon. She says that police executed the young black teen while his hands were in the air. Now I’m not here to engage in a he say she say battle but I have noticed another issue. The boy was shot seven times by police officers and THREE of the bullets were in his BACK!!! Now currently there has been several stand offs between the police and local residents which the media has deemed a “riot”. Numerous pictures have been seen of officers slamming black men and woman but what drives me crazy is the reaction of some people. I’ve read FB statuses of people saying they hate “stupid angry black people”. Now instead of speaking about the tragedy that just occurred, you’d rather spread that nonsense as if we don’t have the right to be angry.  How common is it for police to kill blacks? The NYPD has a well-known reputation for shooting black men and woman.  How would you feel if that was your son or daughter that was just shot?  It kills me that black youth are being taken from us so often by police with no consequences and then you say we have no right to be angry? I’m not condoning what is taking place but eventually people get tired of marching and preaching. My heart goes out to Young Kimani’s Family and Friends.  As always, share your thoughts

“When Darkness arises, sins will be committed. The guilty person is not he who commits the sin, but he who created the Darkness.”

Written by @KingKwajo

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