The black man is feared all over the world. Everywhere he goes he seems to be the first enemy. Whether it’s the lady clutching her purse tightly at the sight of a black man entering the elevator or the fact that the prisons are filled with black men. Being the biggest target of the police, they are the enemy of the state. Everything negative seems to amplified as a black male.

Although he is feared he is also admired. Black men’s presence is admired by women all over the world. Their physique is often referred to as godly. Physically dominating in most athletic competition. The educated black man’s swag is impeccable.

Black men are the fathers of humanity. And when a black man reaches his full potential? Man the possibilities are endless. What would happen if black men unified with black women and focused on rebuilding their communities? New Kemet can be built.

Written by @solar_innerg

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