African Head Wraps are only a small fragment to the countless riches in African Culture. These wraps have covered the heads of people for thousands of years and today are present in various cultures. They are mostly worn by women but Men can wear them as well. The origin of the wraps is greatly debated but many say the wraps come from the lands known today as Nigeria. They have different names as the Yoruba call the wraps “Gele” and Igbo refer to them as “Ichafu”. The Head Wraps can symbolize modesty, wealth, or a person’s social status. Some women say the wraps allow them to boast about the level of their spirituality. The colors present in the wraps all represent different meanings and have various symbolisms.  African women often tie the wraps upward to accentuate their face so that anyone who stares at them would look at their face instead of their body. A common misconception is that the wraps originate from the days of slavery and slaves would wear them for protection from the sun. This is FALSE and it’s important we realize that Africa had many wonders before the days of slavery. I’m not even going to attempt to tell anyone how to tie these things but they definitely are a great look.  If you don’t have any, you should check them out.

Written by @KingKwajo

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