There is currently a federal lawsuit called “Floyd vs. the NYPD” that has the very controversial "Stop and Frisk" law under review; challenging that the law is used to racially profile and violate a person’s rights. Stop and Frisk allows the police to stop and search any person on the street based off their appearance and whether or not they look “suspicious” to an officer. Even in theory this law should have been rejected in my opinion.

Since 2001, over 5 million people have been “stopped and frisked” in New York and an overwhelming majority of the people are Black or Latino as they make up 90 percent of the people stopped. I don’t think that’s a coincidence due to America’s history and the injustices that Africans in America face in the legal system. Some people still wonder why there are so many communities that feel like “F*ck the Police”. This law is just another form of racism and harassment. Many people get brutalized, verbally abused, and embarrassed by the police in public. It incites crime as the law creates anger and hostility in the community amongst the people. This law has been proven to be non-effective as 9 out of 10 people "stopped and frisked" have been found innocent. Crime hasn’t gone down in NY further than other major cities that don’t use "Stop and Frisk". So I (Sarcastically) wonder why they keep doing it then? Even if you are found innocent though they can handcuff you and detain you for hours at a station. You can look online and see numerous hidden cam videos of the police harassing and abusing people using this law as their protection.

Many current and former officers are testifying against stop and frisk stating how the Police Commissioner makes them do the stops due to a “quota system” and that they are encouraged to racially profile, if they don’t they are reprimanded and given bad reviews leading to them possibly getting fired. Various communities have protested “stop and frisk”. It is just another systematic approach of racism in America. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.

Written By: @Champion_Us

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