Being a College Graduate I am very familiar with this struggle. For most of us it is extremely frustrating, it sucks that our generation would experience the time when the value of a 4 year degree would decline. There are a few select major's that are still just as valuable financially, nursing for instance. For the most part though the American Economy crashed and there’ isn’t many jobs YET the cost of attending college continues to rise. The amount of financial Aid one can receive has also been cut down. Does that make sense? Usually when the value of something goes down the COST of it usually goes down as well. However we live in America :) How can this be? Well because we live in a capitalistic society where businesses chump the government. Politicians are really lobbyist’s who are paid off to make sure it stays that way. But that’s another discussion. Today’s we are just going to recognize the people who are struggling with this, the victims. Keep your head up *Tupac Voice*

"This nigga graduated at the top of our class..
I went to Cheesecake, he was a motherfucking waiter there” ~~Kanye West

I’ve heard people say “The bachelors degree is the new High School diploma” , I say at least the High School Diploma was FREE. College isn’t free. For a lot of people, college was supposed to be the way out. The way to change their economic status. So you took out all types of loans and did what ever it took to make sure you got the degree, Totally understandable, now you graduated and you’re multiple minimum wage (or damn near minimum wage) jobs just to make it. On top of that you have LOANS. Isn’t exactly what you envisioned when you were 17, huh?

I just wanted to say keep hope alive, don’t just work hard but WORK smart, it isn’t about what you know it’s about WHO you know, sometimes networking is more important than filling out applications (It may land you the job faster) and last but not least never allow doubt from failed efforts to overcome you. If that happens you’ll be liable to miss opportunities that are right in front of your face. Lets pull each other up! Enjoy your day!

Written by @Solar_InnerG IG

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    I attended 3 1/2 years. paid $25k in loans down to $18k. one bank sold the debt to another, refinanced, and now I’m back...
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    Truth, except whoever wrote this should have spell checked. Just saying.
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