I’m sure at this point most people have at least heard of Caribana, but there are a lot of people who may not know the historical and cultural significance of this Festival. Caribana is held every year in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and it is a 2 week long celebration usually ending the first weekend of August. It is the largest festival of its kind in the world as it hosts about 2 million people on average annually. Almost a million people from around the world travel to be apart of this huge celebration and take part in its festivities. Caribana has been stereotyped by some outlets as nothing more than a party when in all actuality it is much more than that. Caribana has the very important objective of Unifying People of African Descent and in my opinion that is very crucial to the overall progression for our people  around the World. “Black Americans, Africans, Black Caribbean and West Indians”; These are all terms that are sometimes used to create division and separation between our people who are all of African Descent, and sadly enough a lot of our people have bought into it not realizing that they are one in the same, all from Africa, they are now just relocated in different areas throughout the World due to either Migration or the Slave trade.

Caribana celebrates and promotes the abolition of enslavement in Canada and the potential for progression and independence for people of African Descent since it started in 1967. Canada has a large Afro-Caribbean Population and Caribana knowingly celebrates Caribbean culture and educates people on some of the traditions of Africa by way of the Caribbean through Music, Dance, Fashion, Food, and Art. Caribana’s Predominate music genres are Steel Pan, Soca and Calypso originated from Trinidad and Tobago, but also feature Reggae, Cadence, Salsa, Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B. The People parade in the streets of Toronto during the final week of Caribana in similar traditions of many Historic African Cultures and they also wear traditional elaborate colorful Costumes, or outfits that may have meaning or are just artistically beautiful. Participants in the “Grand Parade” are organized into masquerade groups with their own bands performing different sounds with a particular Political, Historical or unique fantasy theme.  

I have heard about how great the City and Caribana is and how "Turnt Up" the Celebrations are for a few years now. Me and the rest of The League want to and have talked about visiting Toronto for many reasons and Caribana is Definitely one of them. It would definitely be a lot of Fun and Dope Experience. The Fun Celebration along with the Historical and Cultural Significance of Caribana is and should continue to be greatly appreciated.

Written By: @Champion_Us

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