This post isn’t to start a Natural vs Weave/Relaxer debate but to shed light on the fact that Asian’s make a fortune off Black hair and it’s maintenance. Black Women are basically putting their kids through college. Everyone profits off black people but black people.

I also want to point out the observation that many people mock Black Women In regards to hair. I KNOW I’m not the only one who has seen these hair jokes. I’m usually first to defend it. While I don’t agree with these ignorant comments I must admit that there must be a respect factor missing for Women who constantly wear other Women’s or Animal’s hair to cover their own because they feel their natural hair isn’t presentable. Let me also point out White Women wear weave too. The difference is that it is usually an extension of their natural hair or texture.Some women wear their hair in a weave as a protective style for their natural hair. So it’s not always about not appreciating your natural hair however wouldn’t it make more sense to wear a weave that reflects your natural hair?
Personally, I think it’s sexy when Black/African Women wear those braids that are an EXTENSION of their natural hair texture. That’s Poetic Justice, Poetic Justice!! But who cares what I think back to the post.

Moral of this story is that people are laughing and profiting off our need to “tame” that nappy head that God cursed us with *sarcasm* 

It’s something to think about when you’re about to purchase that $400 Remy. Please don’t shoot me or send me death threats after this post I know this is a sensitive subject. I’m just passing the word. Black Women Weave, Perm, or Natural you are Beautiful. After all it’s your hair you paid for it, right?



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