I always found it crazy how there are team mascots in amateur and professional sports that are named after and use Indigenous/Native tribes. As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, I was a kid when I realized that the term "Redskins" was racist with them being rivals and seeing them play often. I can remember telling my friends and they didn’t realize it either even though it is so obvious. How is it that you can use a stereotype of a person’s face and heritage as a mascot for a sports team. European Colonization is How this was made possible. Invade, commit genocide, slavery, and cultural imperialism on a people then use them as mascots. Wow, that Shit is crazy. "People" actually come to the games of these teams dressed up in traditional Native/Indigenous Head dresses and clothing and don’t even realize how disrespectful that is considering the aforementioned history of Europeans and Native/Indigenous people. what I was even more amazed at is how there wasn’t that big of an outrage from more people besides the tribes themselves when it came to this issue.

There are hundreds of teams across America who use Native/Indigenous people as mascots. There are only a handful of teams who have permission from the actual tribes to use just their names, but not a Racist/stereotypical Mascot. The NAACP has fought alongside of these Tribes and their National Organizations to get these team names changed, but only a couple teams have changed their names and mascots, many of these teams owners have just refused to acknowledge them let alone change their name. (By the way, None of these teams have African or Native/Indigenous owners.) Some of these people have the nerve to say that they are honoring Native/Indigenous People. Its just Blatant Disrespect to say the least… Please Share your Thoughts and Opinions on this. SanCopha!

Written By: @Champion_Us

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    I’m part of a native american tribe and I don’t find it racist at all. Are descendants of Vikings mad about Minnesota?...
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    I grew up outside of DC. I love the Redskins. And even though I’m in Ravens country now, they’ll always be my team. But...
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