Independence Day is a Widely Celebrated National Holiday here in America, “Land of the Free”. I laugh every time I hear the phrase. Every year millions of Black People spend billions of dollars celebrating July 4th, America’s Independence, but I wonder if we know our history. On July 4, 1776, America would adopt the Declaration of Independence which would mark its Independence from Britain but whose Independence was it? The harsh reality is that while “Americans” were celebrating their Independence, Black People were still being beaten, raped, and tortured. While the “Bombs Burst in Air”, Africans in America would continue to be enslaved. The adoption of the Declaration of Independence meant nothing to Black people who would still suffer enslavement for almost 100 more years. So with that in mind, I ask just as Frederick Douglas asked in 1876, “What is July 4th to me?”

Written by: @KingKwajo

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    Uhhh Not patriotic at all but How about we just blow some shit up Instead of being little bitches about it"I wonder how...
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    Abraham Lincoln didn’t free the slaves.. It’s July 5, 2013.
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