Going to start this post first by saying “Money Isn’t Everything” not from the moral sense (as it’s often used) but from an ECONOMIC stand point. One thing that Europeans and Asians have understood through the years is that ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT is everything. It’s all about control of either land, property, and resources.Ownership= Control. Cash is only as valuable as the PRICE that is set. What do I mean by that? I’ll explain.

We’re on the internet right now, someone is providing this (resource) for you. Most likely YOU do not have your own internet resource so you are at the mercy of the person who provides you with this resource. The person who controls and provides you with this internet can charge you whatever they want because what? THEY CONTROL THE RESOURCE. Now some of you will say “l will just get off the internet If they raise prices to high blah blah” lets be honest and realistic with ourselves most of the world is ran by internet technology. To co-exist in modern day society chances are you will need it. Take GAS for instance, we all need GAS to operate our automobiles. In recent years gas prices have skyrocketed and these companies are making outstanding profits. They can do this because THEY CONTROL THE RESOURCE IN WHICH MOST PEOPLE NEED. You are going to sit down, shut up, and pay whatever prices they charge.

What’s my OVERALL POINT? Your MONEY doesn’t mean shit because people who OWN set the prices. Whether you make $10,000 a year or $100,000 a year it doesn’t matter if you don’t own or control shit. Ownership = Power

In the black community we tend to be focused on providing entertainment or services. The majority never seek ownership or control of resources. Historically White America has made it an agenda to make sure blacks never tap into the economic empowerment.  They don’t want you to OWN anything in this country unless you are making money for White Men.  We lack the fundamentals of community building, we lack economic education, and  we lack resources. The schools are teaching you to work for someone never to own anything. Black people don’t own much of anything collectively. This is not a coincidence ….

Instead of chasing “money” (that we end up giving right back to white people anyway because we blow it on overpriced items like gucci, louie, prada)  acquire land, assets, resources, and ownership. Tap into the means of production so that you can GENERATE money for generations to come. 


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