Ancient Yoruba civilization believed that one’s hair is tied to their spiritually. They believed it was an extension of the beings spiritually to the Orishas (African gods and goddesses). They actually created different braided hairstyles that females wore to be more spiritual.

"Dada", was the term given to people who wore loc’d hair and it was derived from a spirit child that was born with loc’d hair. The spirit child was born with full grown locs, meaning that straight out of the womb their hair would already be twisted. The tale behind the “Dada spirit child" was that the parents could not cut the child’s hair, because they would feel the wrath of the spirit world. If the parents chose to cut the child’s hair they could not do so without performing a ceremony. If the child chooses to keep his or her hair, Yoruba elders would acknowledge that child as going on a spiritual journey and that is why “Dada"are also said to be taking a spiritual journey as well.

Today, in Nigerian culture loc’d hair is viewed as evil and dirty, and the tradition of the Orishas and beliefs is no longer practiced. Even though when a “Dada spirit child” is born the parents still practice that ceremony before cutting the child’s hair. Irony!

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