"America tried to emasculate the greats murder Malcolm gave Cassius the shakes" ~ Jay-Z

America has an UNFORGIVEN history of either killing or incarcerating Great Black Leaders. Now in 2013 what Great Black Leaders do we have? When an injustice happens to us, who is going to speak up or stand up for us? During the Civil Rights era, government agencies like the FBI and local police departments jailed Black Leaders like Huey P. Newton, Angela Davis, and Muhammad Ali. America is not the only country guilty of killing Black Leaders. European countries were behind the assassination of Great African Leaders like Patrice Lumumba and Steven Biko as well.

White Supremacy has either used blunt or systematic tactics to attack the black community. From killing our leaders to closing down schools across the nation. They even went as far as to place Assata Shakur on the FBI most wanted list. Don’t be fooled!!!

Post written by: @ObaBlacko

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