African spiritual systems predate all religions and all other spiritual systems. It’s not hard to understand this because humanity started in Africa. Many invasions by outsiders, slavery, and colonialism led to the destruction of the African civilizations.

One thing that is devastating is that Africans are very spiritual people by nature and their conquers would make it a mission to rid them of their native spiritual systems. They would beat, kill, rape, demoralize, and propagate Africans away from their native spiritual forms.

Today many people believe that systems like “voodoo” are “evil” this is a western interpretation that has plagued the world. Many Africans have actually internalized that their native spiritual systems are inferior to that of the oppressors. Like ALL religions and spiritual systems there is “good voodoo” and “Bad Voodoo” meaning there are good ways to use voodoo and bad ways. Anyone realize The KKK identifies themselves as Christians? They sure do have some “righteous” ways , huh?

Back to my post this propaganda about voodoo plagued the world. Many Africans abandoned their native spiritual systems and adapted their conquerors. Today a lot (not all) of Africans don’t even realize this because they don’t teach the true history in schools just like they don’t in America. A colonial influenced spiritual system is the only one that is accepted.

Interesting fact? The Haitians prayed to the God “Ogun” (God of War) before they defeated the oppressors for their freedom. Ogun is an Orisha from a spiritual system considered “Voodoo” …I guess voodoo (Vodou) can’t be all that bad, huh?

Food For Thought

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