European philosophy is so deeply embedded in Africans/Blacks that it is to the point that we condemn and outcast major aspects of our own history. Before Christianity and Islam came into Africa to “save” Africans many different parts of Africa already established its own religion.

One well known religion is the Yoruba Orishas from modern day Nigeria. Which today is viewed as a voodoo religion and hardly spoken about among Africans today. Those who practice the Orisha’s religion are called witches, voodoo doctors, and basically anything evil. While on the opposite end of the spectrum The Greek Gods mythology is widely accepted not only by Europeans but Africans as well. Both The Yoruba Orishas and Greek Gods were a religion at one point in history, both had their own practices, customs, and myths. The difference is that any form of African spirituality like Orishas or anything that comes out of Africa is viewed as evil. While the Greek Gods are widely accepted from the schools to Hollywood, whats ironic is that Greek mythology can be traced back to being a plagiarism of the ancient Egyptian religions. In conclusion, question what you have been taught about Africa, question it all.

Maybe the Orishas don’t represent anything evil. Maybe that guy with blues eyes and blonde hair is really the evil one. (Oops)

Written by: @ObaBlacko

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