One overlooked factor about Black Businesses is that it helps the Black unemployment rate. As a college graduate I can tell you first hand it’s HARD to get a job, but it’s even HARDER to get a job as a Black Male. Why? because Corporate America is ran by rich white males. When it’s time to hire employees, who do you think they would naturally LOOK at first to hire. This is why it is important that Blacks, Africans, Caribbean, and West Indians realized they are all African and need to work together and build more black businesses so that we can hire our own. Don’t think it’s racist because your staff is majority black, take a look at Corporate jobs and you will see that there is usually just a few black people and the higher you go up in rank the fewer black people you will see. The way we can combat this is to build and establish our own businesses for our future college graduates.

Post written by: @ObaBlacko

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