Slavery, as we all should know, had a major impact on the Black Psyche. To this very day, many of these effects are still very visible and continue to plague the Black Community. One of the most significant effects that came out of this horror is the ideology of “Suffering Peacefully”. Contrary to popular belief, Africans did not accept slavery. We resisted in any way possible whether this meant refusing to eat our oppressor’s food, disobeying their rules, and most importantly defending ourselves from their abuse. There were plenty of African rebellions to slavery that they never teach you about. We never accepted Slavery like many historians like to make it seem.  In fact, Europeans could not understand the fighting spirit of the African people. They needed a way to calm it down and out of this thinking grew the notion of “Suffering Peacefully”. The idea that there is a greater reward in accepting one’s abuse without retaliation. They would sell this to Black people and many of us embraced it with open arms. It got to the point that we began to look at ourselves as wrong for defending what is rightfully ours. This thinking has been handed down from generation to generation and continues to present itself in many Black Minds today.

“I had a Dream like Martin Luther but they shot him so I hold the chrome.”

Written By @KingKwajo

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