I hope one can understand how academics can be unattractive to a child when everything they learn is about a culture that does not relate to them.

They don’t teach black children about their heritage or their history in public schools. I went through a public school system and all I basically got out of it is that white people created everything , we were born slaves, and have been fighting to be considered human ever since. They sugar-coat everything and make it appear like America is such a great moral country. They use words like pilgrims “settled” in America. NO, Europeans INVADED America, spread disease, killed the Native Americans and enslaved Africans.

It’s farfetched for many to hear that there is a conspiracy against black boys in the classroom. Despite the numbers and testimonies of black men and black boys about their academic experience.  Dr. Umar Johnson said it best, there is no such thing as a “black male dropout rate” there is a “Black male push out rate”. School system has no faith in black boys academically so they don’t invest in them, they would rather invest in ways to control their behavior. From the earliest ages many black boys develop low academic self-esteem because they are treated unfairly by their teachers. It starts at an early age so by the time they get to high school they feel like school isn’t for them or that they are only valued if they do athletics. “When the streets show them more love than the teachers do what do you think they are going to choose?”

Public education in the inner cities are majority made of middle-class white women who have no tolerance or empathy for black children, especially black boys. Early on boys naturally tend to be more active in destructive behavior than girls, this is true in every race.  However, when it comes to black boys teachers are pushing for them to be put on drugs to control their behavior.  Black Children face different obstacles that the average middle class white woman cannot relate to,  so it may be hard to understand. Parent’s listen to the complaints child against their teacher, they my not be always able to verbally express what is happening to them as well as we would like but many of those claims are valid.

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