I cannot stress enough the importance of Black Economics. We have to Produce our Own, Create Our Own, and Buy Our Own. We have been the biggest victims of “Integration” yet we still cannot understand this. Black People have no Wealth and in a capitalistic society, Money is Power. We put too many dollars into everybody else’s pockets especially White Folks.  We need to be for us.
 The reason that most black businesses fail, is because they are selling a product that they bought from the white man. They themselves have gone to the white man to purchase something to resale to you. Everything that’s in the Negro store is a resale, and he has to resale it at a price high enough to get his investment back. The black person that’s in business is acting as a salesman for the white wholesaler, and the white producer. Everything that leaves your pocket goes into the pocket of the white man. We are being robbed because we produce nothing of our own. I don’t care if you have a million dollar business, if you are not producing anything, then you are just a rich slave. I don’t care how wealthy you are, if you are not producing you are just a slave for your master. It is better to be independent, than dependent.” Malcolm X
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    Absolutely! I learned about “producers and consumers” in a Communications intro class, and I didn’t think then about the...
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    Speaking in terms of business, wouldn’t you need to buy materials/ingredients from the white man, before you could...
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