This is a Endzone celebration worthy of a highlight!!!
Not that BULLSHIT some of yall be doing. Be lion for a day in your life instead of a sheep for a lifetime. 

In 1968 Black Olympic Track winners John Carlos and Tommie Smith
did a Black Power Salute at the winners podium to protest the racism going on all over the country. That moment will live forever… 

Black Athletes take pride in your heritage and your struggle like John Carlos, Tommie Smith, Muhammad Ali , The Fab Five, and many others did…

Represent the struggle, the motherland, and remind them where you come from. If you are gonna participate make it known they don’t own you! Black Power is giving
power to the people who have never had the power to determine their own destiny. 

Shoutout to @mav_topgunnerz for this example! FOLLOW HIM!!


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