It seems like it has been that easy for white supremacy to alter the history books, simple as them pouring bleach on it and destroying the recollection of the past. Notice the operative word “attempt” I used though in the title. It is only an attempt because it was not completed by any means. They have done a good job of just hiding the truth about history, but they are unable to destroy it. They have used Slavery, Murder, and Whitewashing to keep your history from you, but yet and still it has not eradicated our accomplishments from being known to everyone.

History is extremely important and powerful when it comes to the world. Why else would they even bother to try an hide it? Why deface and destroy ancient African monuments, paintings, and treasures? Why Portray themselves as heroes and African Queens on film? Why even now do they get more praise in fields dominated and innovated by black people for less achievement? Why don’t they teach black children about themselves in school? The answer is subservience and ignorance. Unfortunately for them some of our people were able to pass the truth down about our history.

Some of us were able to use common sense and deduction to find the truth in history amongst the lies. We taught the earliest of civilizations much of what they now know. THERE IS NOT ANYTHING THAT PEOPLE OF AFRICAN DESCENT HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO ACHIEVE THROUGHOUT HISTORY. THEREFOR THERE ISN’T ANYTHING WE CAN’T ACHIEVE GOING FORWARD. SanCopha!

Written By: @Champion_Us

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    Yes. We should focus on furthering truth instead of misinformation.
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