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The most common misconception associated with Black Power is the interpretation of it being anti-white or having hatred for white people. Which is actually false. Black power, is a movement emphasizing racial pride and social and economical equality through the creation of black political and cultural institutions among the people of the African diaspora.
So why is it then so commonly misinterpreted? During the late 1960s and early 1970s when racial tension was high in America, there were organizations that promoted Black Power. Organizations like the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam, that challenged the system of racism and white supremacy. At the same time there were many white people that wanted to uphold their racist and white supremacist views. Also there were white people who wanted equality for black as well.
Unlike white supremacy, which is the belief that white people are superior to other races and should dominate society. Black Power was intended for social and economical equality for blacks. So naturally Black Power would be anti- white supremacy and anti-racism, but not anti-white. I’m going to leave you with this food for thought. Some black people may say, “When I start taking pride in my culture, heritage, or roots. Others races feel uncomfortable around me.” So when other races take pride in their culture, heritage, or roots do they think about how uncomfortable you would feel around them???
Thoughts and opinions are welcomed
Written by @Dreaded_InnerG (IG) @Oba_Tayo

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