Europeans have been showing humans in actually Zoos for viewing since the 1500’s. The Human Zoo’s reached their height from about 1865-1935.

You see white supremacy uses propaganda to dehumanize non-white people. Once you dehumanize someone you can attempt to justify animal treatment of humans. Remember at one point we were consider 3/5ths Human. One picture in the collage is a picture of a little African girl being fed peanuts on display for white peoples Amusement in America. They mostly took Africans, Asians, Native Americans, and many other people of color were on display. These people would share cages with wild animals and forced to live with them as “savages”. Crowds of White People would gather around and watch them. Some shows received over a million views.

This wasn’t just done in America it was most profitable in Germany, Britain, and France. Yes, all European nations.

“Ever since Columbus natives brought back by sailors were shown to the public, especially at fairs. Few ever made it back home and many did not last long in disease-ridden Europe. A well-known example is Sarah Baartman of South Africa, who was shown in a cage in Britain and part of an animal show in Paris” (Abagondwordpress.com)

One famous story is that of a man called “Ota Benga”. He is the man shown in the collage holding the monkey. He was from Congo he was on display in Missouri in 1904 and the Bronx zoo in 1906. Yes right in the big apple. You should really take the time to research these things don’t just take my word for it. This is White history uncut unfiltered with propaganda.

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