In 1942, The U.S. Government ordered the interment of all the people Japanese ancestry to camps along the Pacific coast of America. Any and all Japanese people were removed from their home and forced to be relocated and imprisoned in camps located from Washington down the west coast through California. There were over 115,000 Japanese people separated from there families and abused physically and mentally in camp living quarters that were sufficient enough in size to hold their families. They were given little to no health care, food, or respect by the armed soldiers who watched over them. They were subjected to racism and hate crimes by White America and the U.S. as a response to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Most of the Japanese imprisoned were actual U.S. citizens. This interment end officially in 1945 along with World War II. Years Later the U.S. would issue an apology and even $1.6 billion reparations to victims of internment, but Sadly enough though, as bad as the Japanese were treated it was still an upgrade to what Africans and Natives experienced in the same Country. During that time It is said that the imprisoned Japanese received more respect than Black People who were free and subjected to harsher atrocities in the 1940’s. Well, This has been another moment in White History, Until next time, F*ck The System. SanCopha!

Written By: @Champion_Us

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    You think this won’t happen again. Being “Japanese” was just a label. Just like being a “Sex Offender”, a “Patriot”, a...
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