Dreadlocks are a godly hairstyle with a rich history. The first known examples of dreadlocks date back to North Africa and parts of West Africa so all of us Africans who call people “Akata” for having dreads should learn their history. The Ashanti people and other related Akan groups of Ghana reserved dreadlocks for their SPIRITUAL leaders. The famous co-founder of the Ashanti Empire, Okomfo Anokye is believed to have worn dreadlocks. The word “dread” in dreadlocks derives from the word dreadful meaning to cause great fear and unhappiness; hence the reason some people refuse to call them dreadlocks and simply say “locks”. I, on the other hand, see no problem with the name “dreadlocks” but I completely understand anyone who chooses not to refer to them as such. As @Oba_Tayo explained, the name was given by Europeans who came to African lands and saw men and women with this hairstyle and became scared. They saw these beautiful, healthy Africans and realized the aura that surrounded them. I am a firm believer of there being power in hair so perhaps they felt the same? I choose to call my hair dreadlocks because it symbolizes the hidden potential and power we as a people possess. It reminds me that others realize and fear what we have on the inside, regardless of how much they try to hide it.

Written By @KingKwajo

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