Africans, Black Americans, West Indians, Etc… Whatever label you want to call yourself you are people of the “African Diaspora”.

One of our biggest problems are our solutions. The solutions we think that will solve our communal issues are often faulty. The only solution to the global racism, exploitation, genocide, and rape of our people is to establish some sort of POWER. Black people continue to ask whites and Asians to be “fair” , treat us “equally”, stop “killing us”, stop “being racist”. Its almost like we are begging people to be human towards us. Why is that?

Because we are a vulnerable people and we don’t have any global economic power or military established. It’s makes it easy to exploit us and not have to worry about repercussions. Naturally there will be lack of respect. What makes it easier is that we don’t respect ourselves because we are a brainwashed people. Brainwashed from slavery, brainwashed from colonialism, and brainwashed spiritually.

People are crying/shocked over racism and it will never stop. Focus on black empowerment. We have it within us to make it stop. Once you show a bully that you are a threat they back down, they learn respect. Our mentality should be to establish power or die trying … if not we will forever be slaves and at mercy of other people. Fight for black power, African unison, and liberation.

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