I’m pretty sure everyone has seen, heard, or read about the Famous Tommie Smith and John Carlos black power fist at the 1968 summer Olympics.

But have you seen, heard, or read about Vincent Matthews and Wayne Collett? 4 years later after going gold and silver in the 400m race at the 1972 Summer Olympics. Matthews and Collett did not stand in the salute position while the American National Anthem was playing. They actually held a conversation with each other, and acted oblivious to the National anthem. (Respect)

In a later interview after the incident, Wayne said, the national anthem meant nothing to him. He explained that he had felt unable to honor the anthem because of the struggle faced by African-Americans at the time “I couldn’t stand there and sing the words because I don’t believe they’re true. I wish they were. I believe we have the potential to have a beautiful country, but I don’t think we do” Statements like this need to be heard, you can’t have us winning gold medals for this country but then treat us like shit, it doesn’t work like that! More of our black athletes need to have their courage.

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