Fred Hampton Sr. He was The Young Revolutionary Activist who was making a difference in communities throughout Illinois and the Country in the 1960‘s. He was Assassinated by the Police at the Young age of 21. The Chief of the FBI then was J. Edgar Hoover and he Feared Fred Hampton and the Black Panthers. Hoover was afraid that Revolutionary Black Coalitions formed by Hampton would become so powerful and unified, that it would have the ability to make an Extreme change in the U.S. Government. Hoover saw Hampton’s ability to galvanize and inspire People with incredible Speeches that empowered Black Communities to stand up for themselves. Hoover saw Hampton’s actions as well and how he was so successful at bringing Africans in America together and creating social change in communities while also providing opportunities and outlets for thousands to prosper. These are the reasons why he was also a target for the FBI. 
Fred Hampton was a Strong Man, Both Physically and Mentally. He was the leader of the Chicago Chapter of The Black Panther Party. Hampton rose to that position quickly. Fresh out of High School Fred Hampton became a leader in the NAACP youth council and studied Law at Triton Junior College with the intentions of becoming more knowledgeable about the law in order to defend himself against the Police. He along with other fellow Black Panthers would Follow and Surveillance Police and their actions of Brutality and injustice. 
Hampton had his mind made up to take stand and become a Leader of Men at a very young age. He was a Natural at Leading and his charisma, enthusiasm, and spirit was contagious to whoever he met or came into contact with, this also made him very popular. Hoover and the FBI investigated Fred Hampton for 2 years with wire taps of his Mother’s phones and surveillance on him just to name a couple. Hoover used brutality, false propaganda in news to paint a false negative image of the Black Panther Party to the public, Hoover wanted to Destroy them by any means and often violated laws and rights in the process. (Sounds Like organized Crime don’t it?) The FBI used a criminal and promised him no jail time to “Divide and Conquer”, as he infiltrated the Black Panther Party and worked for the FBI. Fred Hampton was still forging ahead and was determined. Hampton was on the verge of Unifying the “ South Side Street Gang” which had thousands of members and would have double the Black Panther Party’s size in 1969. The FBI saw these advancements and decided to basically Assassinate Fred Hampton. 
The informant Drugged Hampton one Night with a Sedative to knock him out, as he lied in bed with his pregnant girlfriend the Police then Raided his apartment and shot an unconscious Hampton in the shoulder then dragged his body to the hallway where an officer shot him in the head twice at close range. It was another case of a Black Hero being taken away too soon due to Fear, Hate, and Ignorance, These horrible acts by the Police and FBI may have killed Fred Hampton Sr., but his Legacy and Impact will live forever through his incredible acts in the community and his son Fred Hampton Jr. who is currently an activist also. Its like Fred Hampton Sr. once said “You can Kill the Revolutionary, But you can Never Kill the Revolution.” SanCopha Salute.
Written By: @Champion_Us

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