A few years ago members from a the U.S. Black Caucus visited Cuba and stated that there are very little to no doctors in the poor black communities in America and that they were in need of doctors. When The President of Cuba Fidel Castro heard this he almost immediately announced the Scholarships for Black and Latino people to attend Cuba’s Latin American School of Medicine. This is despite the issues between Cuba and America. 

A Large part of Cuba’s population are people of African descent and this scholarship has already benefited countless people. Our People basically found assistance from the outside in order to Help the plight of Black people in poor communities and combat the system that is in place. There a few hundred students in the program now with full scholarships and There are 47 students that have already graduated from the program and a few of them are already working in U.S. hospitals currently. This is proof that the credential earned from this Med school are being honored and respected around the world. America systematically uses this racism and discrimination to affect the Black Population and Cuba has effectively stepped in and provided opportunities for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend med school due to its extreme expensive cost and the resulting debt.

Written By; @Champion_Us

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