Yup! You read right! Brazil has the 2nd largest black population in the world. Yes, larger than the U.S. and the Caribbean islands as well. So, how can a South American country have a bigger black population than the U.S. and the Caribbean? One word answer, SLAVERY! When you think of slavery, South America probably doesn’t come to mind.Well, maybe that’s because you were probably never taught the truth about slavery in Brazil. Well class, grab your notebooks, pens and pencils because the SanCopha League Afro-Brazil 101 class is in session (LOL, oh ya gon learn today LOL).

Turn back the clock about 500+ years ago when the Europeans invaded Africa, specifically Western Africa. The Portuguese people landed on the shores of Ghana (then called the Gold Coast), and took Africans and FORCED them into slavery. At first they were sending them back up to Portugal as slaves. As more European countries got involved including the U.S. slavery started to become a business and expanded. Portugal would now set their sights to the neighboring countries of Nigeria and Cameroon. They enslaved them and sent them to the South American country known as Brazil.

During the slavery times in Brazil there many slavery rebellions from the Africans, who were unwilling to become slaves. One of the main reasons why it was hard to keep the Africans enslaved, was because the Africans practiced a religion called Umbanda.The Umbanda religion, is made up of the Yoruba Orishas or deities disguised as Catholic saints because many slave masters tried to force Catholicism on the Africans. Since Africans were able to somehow keep their spiritually without the slave master knowing, they did not willingly accept being slaves.

The term Afro- Brazil comes from the fact that many African cultures and traditions have been passed down from the Africans that were enslaved. An Example would be the dance/fighting style of Capoeira. The African diaspora is very much alive in the country of Brazil.

*Bell Rings* Ok this concludes my time for today everyone.
Lecture by:
Prof. @Oba_Tayo

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