Amy Jacques Garvey was much more than just the great Marcus Garvey’s 2nd Wife, but because she was she doesn’t get the credit she deserves as an anchor and leader in the Pan-African Movement alongside her Husband. She was born in Jamaica and traveled to New York in 1917 and immediate started to write for and publish the “Negro World” Newspaper in Harlem. Amy was an extremely talented journalist who helped Marcus edit his famous compilation of writings and speeches. Marcus Garvey was imprisoned on Mail fraud charges shortly after they were married and Amy Garvey stepped to the forefront as a Leader in the United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). She began to run the UNIA and teach the Garvey philosophies as she traveled the country in honor of her husband. 

Amy also took a heavy stance against sexism. Amy promoted the same “By any Means Necessary” later used by Malcolm X. She was such a great public speaker  that after her Marcus was freed people would chant and request for her to speak at some of his conferences and appearances, and she would proceed to do so unscheduled. 
Marcus Garvey was very Proud and was quoted as being very grateful that Amy was his wife and not a rival. Amy Jacques Garvey was a True Queen and was a great Leader that American History tries to hide from us Along with her Husband’s legacy. SanCopha Salute Mrs. Garvey!
Written By: @Champion_Us

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