Not to throw shade at Light skin girls, I love black women of all shades! The issue is the over glorification of Lightskin in the black community has to be addressed. Many don’t see how much of a big a problem this , the problem is when we highly praise black people with the lighter skin tone we ultimately create a “the dark skin complex”.

It usually affects many young children or teens who are dark skin. What happens is darkskin people of that age group don’t see the value and beauty in their skin tone because their peers view blacks with a lighter skin tone as more beautiful.

So thats why some you may hear things like “she pretty for a darkskin girl!” What does say about the other dark skin girls? If you don’t believe there’s no over glorifying of light skin, watch a couple of music videos, 8 times out of 10 the main girl is going to be light skin! One last key thing I want to stress is people that carry this complex into adulthood end up having severe self hate issues and sometimes end up bleaching their skin!!!

Post made by: @Oba_Tayo

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    This is bullshit. The person with the problem is the color struck peers and color struck adults. Lecture them and don’t...
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