Kwadir Felton was 18-years-old when he was shot in the head by undercover Newark New Jersey Police Officer Timothy McVicar. Kwadir went blind and has a cyst on his brain as a result of the damage done by the gunshot wound. The officer stated that in 2010 he was sitting in a car during a drug investigation when he heard a live round click into a handgun that’s when he shot Kwadir who he said was aiming a gun at him. Kwadir was then arrested and charged with a long list of crimes from “Conspiracy and intent to distribute to aggravated assault.” 

Kwadir says that he was unarmed and never carried a gun and that the officer shot him for no reason. In December of 2013 Kwadir was found Guilty on all the charges he recieved even though the officer was caught contradicting himself with his testimony and admitted to tampering with evidence. Officer McVicar admitted to moving the gun before CSI arrived after stating that he didn’t touch anything. Since the incident Kwadir has also been harassed and made fun of by police as they drove by and he sat on his front porch. He and his Mother broke down after hearing the verdict of guilty and they are now looking for a new trial because the overwhelming evidence is in his favor. Kwadir tried to kill himself from loss of desire and  the depression of losing his eye sight along with the pain of the cyst on his brain. Kwadir fought through it and gained confidence back and he now aspires to teach the blind one day.
In America the “War on Drugs” is really a War on Black people as it unfairly targets us more so than anyone else. Also historically the word of a Black person doesn’t mean shit against a system that’s always been racist. This type of thing happens all the time and you never hear about it. In this case Kwadir survived and has  evidence on his side which is not how it usually goes when these atrocities happen and they try to cover it up. He would normally just get killed and written off as another Black criminal who deserved it and viewed as if his Life wasn’t worth shit anyway. That’s far from True though, So before you judge wipe your eyes and see shit for what it really is.
Written By: @Champion_Us 
#SanCophaLeague #Racism #PoliceBrutality

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