I post these things because I want the common person to get a better understanding to what has happened to African and Why it is In the condition it is today. Piece by piece I hope people actually make sense of these posts.
“We were indebted by Europe for fifty sixty, almost seventy years” —Thomas Sankara.

Thomas Sankara protested the fact that Europeans wanted Africans to continue to pay debts after the gained “independence” from European powers. The charismatic President of Burkina Faso was unapologetically African. Sankara’s logic was that Africans were not in control of their own resources when these debts were created, Europeans were so why should we pay debt to Europeans when they have done nothing but profit off of us? This financial enslavement of African nations still goes on today.It keeps Africans poor.

Sankara’s ideas  influenced many people this is the reason why France conspired to have him assassinated. Whenever a black man is talking about economics he is a threat. Remember that.

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