I want to start off by saying there is no such thing as “Good Hair”, there is only healthy hair. Hopefully we know that by now since it is the year 2013. Moving forward onto the post…
Working with Pre-k and Elementary school kids I have become familiar with a pattern. There is a pattern of young black children specifically black girls walking around with badly damaged hair. Missing edges and balding most likely from an excessive amount of perm/relaxers, heavy weaves, or hair styles with 300 beads per strand. This is happening as early as two years of age. Unless the child has an unfortunate sickness or rare abnormality their hair should grow healthy if maintained properly. Many times the issue is a direct result of bad hair treatment stemming from their parents. There should be no reason beautiful young Black/African girls should be walking around with damaged hair to such an extent. To me, that is child abuse. You can potentially ruin their hair for life. 
I know a lot of us want to desperately ride ourselves and our children of the "curse of nappy hair". The “Unfortunate” kinky hair “Condition” or “Disease” we Black/African folk have to deal with for ALL our lives *Sarcasm* but I have some bad news, perming/relaxing your child’s hair WILL NOT I repeat WILL NOT make it grow. Trying to chemically alter the texture of her hair because you feel her natural hair is "unpresentable " has risks. These chemicals are Acids and your child is still growing and developing. Keep that in mind…You also have to be aware of heavy weaves, harshly tight braids, and an overly-beaded head. These things tug and pull at the root, it can be very damaging if not done right. 
A lot of this is just simply lack of hair care education and a history of self-hating standards within our communities. The issue is these things  may affect her throughout her life and it follows her as she gets older. Thinking she has “Bad hair” when the truth is that it was never maintained properly. Parents maybe your frustrations with your Child’s hair is because you’re trying to force a style that is not for your Child’s hair texture.  
If you need help or solutions there is plenty of information available online especially on youtube, all you have to do is be willing to do a little research. Enjoy Your Day!
Written by @Solar_Innerg IG

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