Recently Editor-in-Chief of Garage Magazine Dasha Zhukova released a photo of her sitting on a bondage Black Woman seat on MLK Day! Dasha and other staffs members claims the photo was a form of “Art” and “fashionable”.

Personally I find their claims to be ludicrous for many reasons, White society has historically found ways to disrespect and be racism towards black people, from the black faces to incidents like this one. Just to say their intent was to express art, some type of fashion, or some type of entertainment! It mostly seems to be at the expense of black people.
@Solar_InnerG wrote a post explaining how slave masters used black slaves like they were a pieces of furniture example being like foot stools or feet warmers. That photo displays the same slave master nature.
Black women are thee most OPPRESSED women in the world, and photo shows a reinsuring image that Black Women are inferior to White Women. So I don’t know how they can claim this to be art!

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    The another problem is that the black woman shouldn’t have allowed herself to be subjected to that nonsense
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    People had this on the fb group, they brought up bdsm ofc. I don’t know if they knew it came out on MLK day. I don’t...
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    We already how how white folks think of us both consciously and unconsciously. We don’t have time for shit like this....
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    I want to know who was the sellout who volunteered to do this. That better had been a doll or something.
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