Believe it or not I try not to offend people with my posts lol

But when I look at some of the stuff thats goes on I think the blatant denial is getting ridiculous. Now I’m not talking to all black women. Obviously Not all Black Women do this. I love my Black Women but its about time some of yall keep it 100% if someone sees you with a long blonde weave and they say that you’re trying to look like a white girl is it really that far-fetched? Is he/she really delusional or misinformed? Whats offensive about it? The fact that they said it or that you aren’t trying to hear it? It is what it is and that is the standard of beauty that you are currently promoting. If I saw a white girl walking around withan Afro wig Idk bout you but I would say she was trying to look Black. Stop trying to be politically correct for arguments sake, keep it real. Be honest what do you see?

Posts your thoughts under this post…

PS. Please retire that line about the 1% of black people born with Blonde hair so it makes it ok and blah blah. Save us the time with that one. Have a couple seats. Thanks. :)
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    dont you worry….its all about to change… i see us black women we do our hair…how we talk and...
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    I’m gonna have to go half and half on this issue. It’s totally obvious that the beauty standard EVERYWHERE is dominated...
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    Ok how about all the white girls with Afros in the 70’s were they trying to be black or were they trying to style their...
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    Especially when they are tribes of indigenous black people with naturally blonde hair, foh do your research before you...
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    I understand this post & agree that it is lazy to point out the problem but not the cause. However, we women (ALL WOMEN)...
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