Skin complexion has became a huge issue in different countries all over Africa, one trend that is popular is skin bleaching. Now fertility clinics in West Africa are advising the Dark-Skinned couples to breed biracial babies. The mission is to breed “Half-caste” babies for the betterment of the country and Africa as whole. It said that the people with fair skin are viewed more beautiful and more appealing than those with darker skin. The term “half-caste” simply means mixed race for example: half African descendant and half another race out of Africa, in most cases European. They want dark-skinned couples to breed these babies using modern science like artificial insemination and or to be intimate with a person of another race without the need of marriage. There’s a focused effort to to create a new society in Africa called the “Half-Caste Society” Which they “believe” will put Africa in a better position.

I found this to be utterly disgusting! This is a prime example of severe self-hate and neo-colonialism. First it was skin bleaching, now breeding “half-caste” to produce lighter babies is crazy and shameful. What this sounds like is a convert attack on Dark-skinned people. Its an organized way to rid dark-skin from Africa. Africans must understand that dark symbolize our glory and legacy. Producing a society of “half caste” children would only lead to its self-destruction. Attention must be brought to this issue!!

Post written by @Oba_Tayo

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    Proof that we all came from Africans
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    White supremacy needs PoC to hate themselves in order to survive.
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