Telling Black people to know their “history” and “educate” themselves is not enough to change the condition of Black People Globally. That is only the first step education. There is much more that needs to be done. Organization and action is required. The Afrikan diaspora has many problems therefore they require many solutions. 

Black people are programmed, all that knowledge shit doesn’t matter if they are not reprogrammed and unlearning what they have been taught. 
We need systems and programs that benefit Black people Mentally, spiritually, and Economically.

As I said earlier the first step is to educate and deprogram blacks of the slave mentality. This is the mental fight that teaches us to hate ourselves and love outsiders. We are also disconnected from our ancestors struggle because we are uneducated on what really happened to them.

Second step is a spiritual movement that represents a God in our own image and represents our African culture so that we can draw inspiration and blessing from our ancestors and our community. Black people are the only people who worship deities who do not look like themselves. Image is everything.

Third step is ECONOMIC empowerment. 
We need to be in control of our own resources, creating our own jobs, have our own businesses for US by US. POWER is everything in this world If you lack power you’re WEAK. We as a people are WEAK because we lack the power to resist dependency on others. We lack Power because we lack ownership. Lets get started! Who is down for change?

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