I hope for the day we go out and buy hats, tshirts, run 5k races, and celebrate our history, our story, our movements in the same capacity in which we do everyone else’s holidays. 

We don”t even partake in our own holidays, movements, black business, Etc.. You can count on one finger how many Blacks would be as enthusiastic about a national holiday for us that was made by us. What do we have now Kwanzaa? Black History month? Let be honest the masses of black people barely participate in Kwanzaa and on black history month we celebrate White approved  black history.  I don’t see Irish people parading and advocating around for Black History Month. I don’t see the majority of Whites and Asians supporting Kwanzaa and putting money in our pockets. However when they have a holiday we rush out , spend our money and support them because black people are the nicest people in the world, right? Except to other black people. We always “turn the other cheek”. Except when the person looks like us then we have to retaliate. . 

Even reading this some people are going to get Black people are going to get upset because they participate and they’ll want to defend their belief. Have that same passion and angry that you feel now when someone asks you to organize and make a change the community. Have the same enthusiasm. Don’t say you’re “too busy” all of a sudden. Peace!

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    Amen to all of the above ^^^^ Say it a-fucking-gain.
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    Love to dress like leprechauns in green, but don’t want to dress like Afrikan warrior Kings and Queens…
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