Recently I watched the Movie “Captain Phillips” and it made me think about how these so called Somali “Pirates” are being portrayed by the media. I can remember how terrible different Media outlets tried to make Somali people seem when American and European ships started to get robbed while at sea a few years ago. They made it seem as if they were just savages and thieves and that’s just how they chose to live, but the truth is that the Somali People that are viewed as “Pirates” and terrorists were really just taking a stand against a complete invasion from America and Europe. 

Somalia’s Government collapsed and the U.S. and Europe saw this as an opportunity to do what they’ve done throughout history and that’s to steal the resources away from the Somali people as their seas were now unprotected. America and Europe started dumping nuclear waste into the waters which caused the Somali people to get extremely sick. Somali babies started to be born with deformities and their people were getting rashes and dying from the contaminated ocean water. The nuclear waste that was in Barrels that washed ashore can be tracked back to The U.S. and Europe. While dumping waste they were also taking all the millions of dollars in seafood from the ocean ruining the income and livelihood of Somali fishermen causing countless more Somali people to starve.

Somali People were never savages, they were forced into dying or fighting back and they chose to fight. They did what they could to provide for their people and protect their resources. They had order when they took over ships their goal wasn’t to hurt anybody and they often didn’t, they just wanted to stop the invasion, pollution, and retrieve a profit that was stolen from them initially. You gotta respect that. Never believe what a racist society has to say about your people. SanCopha!

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